Past Life {blog}


The sessions with my clients have been endlessly fascinating both for them and for me! When you go into a past life the client learns so much about themselves. The mind delivers answers in minute detail and multiple levels. It can take a couple of days, sometimes weeks to digest it all.

I feel deeply attached to all the characters we meet. In the sessions, I often speak directly to the person who’s life has come through and they offer profound insights into their lives and era and give views on our modern day. They are so helpful with the clients and without question are always so positive.

Everything feels so natural for the client during the session even though it is slightly unusual. For me, I feel completely at home. What could be more fascinating than moving through different time lines while in my front room! Most of my sessions are via skype. It’s much the preferred medium today and works beautifully.

  1. New! Sept 2017 A US soldier captured and working in a quarry
  2. New! Sept 2017 A Baron called Jack, studying divinity and the stars, who nearly got tortured.
  3. New! Sept 2017 A lady in Victorian times receiving a medical ‘adjustment’.
  4.  A 14 year old girl from Southern America in 1845 dancing in a celebration.
  5.  A Hispanic lady in the 1900’s who had a hard life but found love.
  6. A  25 year old  female in the 17th century from Germany working in the fields to feed her children.
  7. A 17 year old female with a privileged life in France in the 1920’s called Margaret.
  8. A  23 year old rural girl in the 18th century whose father is trying to find her a husband.
  9. 60 year old Wise Woman married to the leader of the tribe
  10. 16th Century female speaking up for women’s independence and nearly gets hanged.
  11. An alien from the future travelling in an advanced space craft gathering information.
  12. A rural girl whose Aunty Maria has a message for the client.
  13. A young 20 year old girl running a brothel in the US dies in the desert.
  14. A Japanese boy 4 years old wanting to fly his kite.


  1. A young Ethiopian lady ending up alone as her child and husband die.
  2. Woman of the future on a beautiful planet.
  3. A pick-pocket Victorian young boy around 8 years old/ A slave boy 20 years old not being heard. 
  4. A 1977 beach babe from Malibu happy with her life.
  5. An astronaut from 2011 on a secret Saturn mission.
  6. An honourable tribal man content with life.

NEW! Sept 10th 2017
Female, 45, Australia

1st Life:
A US soldier captured and working in a quarry.

The client emerges into a scene where she is wearing leather sandals and a type of loincloth. She was male, quite hairy and was standing on rocks. As she looked out to the peripherals there was more rocks and no houses on the horizon. It transpired that his name was William but called Bill. Before the war he worked with horses and was quite respected for his work.

When younger he had admired a young girl called Mary-Anne. When asked about marriage he mentioned another lady he was interested in, she was very well turned out, he felt she was out of his league and she knew she was, she took great pleasure in teasing him regarding his affections.

When Bill got the chance to sign up for the war he did it to prove to this lady he was grown up and a man. He expressed he didn’t sign up for the right reasons. He got captured and had to work in the quarry. We tried to move forward in his life to see what transpired, Bill never returned home and hung himself in the quarry.

2nd Life:
A Baron called Jack, studying divinity and the stars, who nearly got tortured.

The client (female) emerged in a dark room she was lying horizontal with her feet bound, her hands bound and her mouth gagged. I suggested the client ‘feel’ the situation. The client reported being a male, around age 30 called Jack. There was a feeling of resignation as it appeared Jack was to be killed. He was in some sort of dungeon and it was too dark to make out the room easily.  It had transpired that he was a Baron in medieval times.

Jack had secretly been studying the stars and universe and divinity secretly. There was an older man at court who had been teaching him. The room where his teacher taught him had all sorts of instruments around. Word had got out about the court what he had been studying as he was not shy about what he thought was the truth.

The men who put him in the room bound and gagged came back and dragged him to another room where they were going to torture him. They suspected that Jack had a lot more going on behind the scenes than just studying the stars. I asked what are the men trying to protect as it was enough to kill him. Jack replied that they were trying to protect their own arses. He said they thought they were safe and secure in their places but it could change just as swifty. I asked why they wanted to kill him. He said they were just blood thirsty and that’s what they do. I suggested that maybe they thought he was plotting against the monarch or religions at the time, but he didn’t really respond and apparently it had nothing to do with religion. Luckily the men got distracted through another incident and he never got tortured. Jack never got married and continued with his studies but he was always individual and believed in speaking the truth.

3rd Life:
A lady in Victorian times receiving a medical ‘adjustment’.

The client emerged into the scene with the doctor peering into her eye through a lens.She was a middle aged attractive woman wearing typical Victorian clothes. The client mentions she has a large bosom.

She was at the doctor’s surgery. Her name was Patricia Williams. The doctor was a kind, nicely mannered elderly man. It transpired she was attending for an adjustment. This was a common practice in Victorian times where women would be manually manipulated to orgasm by doctors for relief of stress and or hysteria.

I asked if the women realised it was a sexual act. She said no, they could not see how it could be sexual as their husbands didn’t make them feel that way, she volunteered without hesitation that women would recommend it and talk between themselves as the service had its benefits.

I questioned if the doctor saw it as a sexual act or if he had any ulterior motive. She said no, he was very professional, a nice man, he knew it was sexual but he didn’t perform it in a sexual manner. He had no other secret or double life or dark or sinister motives. It was seen as a professional treatment. Before the ‘adjustment’ the doctor would carry out the normal ‘preliminaries’. Such as checking the eyes, the pulse etc.

The story unfolded that Patricia was not happily married and there was more between her and the doctor. However, this was not the reason for the adjustment treatment. The doctor had such strong feelings for Patricia that he was willing to leave his wife, but Patricia was too concerned with the scandal that would create, and denied the possibility of moving into a romantic relationship.

Female, 60,  California

1st Life:
A 14 year old girl from Southern America in 1845 dancing in a celebration.

The client emerged into a fuzzy scene and couldn’t see anything. I asked what colour the ‘fuzzy’ was and she said “beige.” She saw a pink sparkle in the distance so we asked her to moved towards the sparkle. She said it was a sparkler (like fireworks), I asked if it was in the sky. She said no on the ground. The client looked at her feet and saw she was young, bare foot with nail paint on the toes. She was standing on grass and it was a warmish temperature outside in the afternoon. She was having a celebration, dancing. Her legs were covered in some sort of multicoloured fabric like dance leggings. She was wearing a full pleated A-line skirt that was beige and a shirt also multi coloured. Her hair was brown with braids and somehow partially put up. She was wearing make up and her clothes were dress up clothes for the performance. Her name was Monika Suzanne Parker.

Monika said she came through in the regression to show the client where the dance came from. Dance had always been a part of the client’s life.

Monika expressed she was a part of  [client] and [client] needs to dance, to move her body. She [client] needs to move her body and keep herself “limber.”

Monika said she was doing a traditional dance and that is what she is doing today.  Her mother was from South America and brought back a traditional dress, a “lapo~yeda” a simple little cotton dress, they used when doing a traditional dance in South America.
Monika said she was from a country that is no longer there, people moved away and blended with other places and the place where she lived dissolved as people went into the cities.When asked if she could assist further with the client’s issue, she said no I can only talk about the dancing. She said she feels free and light enjoying the movement and the music.

We tried to move forward in Monika’s life. The client’s voice changed slightly and she said. ” I know the woman she has kids and is doing everything by hand.” [ The client is now having an unexpected conversation with an inner aspect of herself. So I had to establish what had happened as it appeared someone else had come through and Monika the dancing girl had gone]. We ask if the new lady that has come through is Monika, (the dancing girl) the new lady that has emerged says “No.” We tried to speak to Monika again and asked when she died but Monika just kept on dancing, saying she’s busy just dancing.

2nd Life:
A Hispanic lady in the 1900’s who had a hard life but found love.

This lady came through without any regression when we asked the previous life Monika (above) to move forward in time.

We asked if the Hispanic lady had a message and there was no reply. It transpired that the Hispanic lady was single as her husband had been forced to join the Spanish army. He was just taken away and other men from the village had gone too. Her life was very hard and she had a lot of work to do. She had 2 small children around the age of 4 and 6 years old. Her husband had been gone for many, many years. The women in the village were all very much in the same position and they helped each other but life was still very hard. Her name was Isabella.

We moved forward with her life to see what happened. The client became tearful as she felt the happiness and emotions of Isabella being in love with a new man. Isabella was no longer alone. She expresses that after some time people started to arrive in her village again and her new husband was one of them. The new men in the village enabled the village to thrive. He loved her so much, was so loving and adored her.

The client wants to reply in Spanish. Isabella said being with the new man took away the feeling of being alone, to have someone so good and loves me so much.

Isabella’s message was “Even though things go away, doesn’t mean it is the end, new people can come into your life.”

This enabled the client to connect with someone special in the spirit world and release pain. The pain goes into a heart outside of the client’s body and floats off into the universe.

The final message was “As you let go better things can come into your life.”

Female, 40, Northern Europe

1st Life:
A  25 year old  female in the 17th century from Germany working in the fields to feed her children.

She was wearing big boots a shirt and a skirt. She was standing in the field feeling depressed, thinking she really didn’t want to do any more work but it has to be done. It was very cold. Her hair was a light brown worn loose. Her eyes were grey and even though she was 25 she looked around 50 years old. Her name was Edith, she was a single mum and her husband had died in the war. She had 3 children and she was struggling to provide food, feeling stuck. She had a grandfather and an aunt to help her. Her grandfather was, in fact, a teacher and reasonably comfortable for that era, and her aunt didn’t work at all, but she was adamant that to earn the respect of the community she would work hard and stand on her own two feet. She would feel guilty not to work and didn’t want to be in a position of taking ‘gifts’ from people for them only to turn around and say “but I did x.y.z for you.”

We moved forward in the lifetime to when she was old. She was sitting in a rocking chair in a cosy room surrounded by her children and grandchildren but felt alone and still unhappy. She felt she had not lived the life she wanted, she would have liked to remarry have a big house and fields and be in a different situation to how she had ended, but she had put all her effort into her children, she had dedicated her life to the children and didn’t fulfil her dreams.

Her message to the client was to have larger and wider dreams. To be more visible as it was not hurting her [the client].

2nd Life:
A 17 year old female with a privileged life in France in the 1920’s called Margaret.

As she stood by the sea she felt really happy, she had bright clear blue/grey eyes and light brown hair worn loose. She was having free time away from the house, away from the responsibility of looking after her younger brothers and sisters and home study. She was wearing a yellow silk dress that was sleeveless. The year was 1920.

As she went back to the house she described it as “white” and as she entered there was a woman who was a stranger cleaning up. I asked if it was a cleaner and she said yes. She described a large table full of food with fruits and meat and breads. There had been a party and this was the food left over from the buffet and the cleaners were in to tidy up. She had a privileged life and felt her family were not doing much, they were just living ( a luxury life) with not much purpose. She described local people who didn’t have the same. People who really needed help and were unwell and needed a doctor.

Her father had said that it was not their business to take care of these people and Margaret followed her fathers wishes not to get involved as she was not a trouble maker.

When asked if she felt guilty about her privileged life, she said that she doesn’t go to the places where the other people see her.

Margeret was asked if there was a message for the client [Margaret declined to speak]. We asked again and she declined to speak. Margaret becomes anxious. So I had to tread very gently and told Margaret she was safe and why is it she prefers not to speak. She said if she offers advice then bad outcomes happen. She relayed that she had advised her friend, a female, to speak up and when she did it ended up that her friend had a huge argument with her father and the situation was awful a big mess and she felt responsible. Margaret said she didn’t want to feel responsible for people.

We moved forward in Margaret’s life when she was a woman 35, and she was having a conversation with her husband. She looked strong and she had mastered some ability to voice her opinion, but with strangers, perhaps she still would not express herself.

3rd Life:
A 23 year old rural girl in the 18th century whose father is trying to find her a husband.

She was 23 year old female called Ingrid standing inside a room wearing a heavy woollen dress, the best dress she had. It was the 18th Century and she was feeling worthless. The room was at her fathers’ friends house and her father was speaking to the friend asking if there were any men he knows who could marry his daughter. Her father was desperate.

She said she felt like an animal at market and was very upset, although she was hoping her father could find her someone as everyone and where she lived was elderly and they lived quite remotely. She said she wanted someone to know her not just look at her bone structure and decide if she was good enough. She wanted to be known on a personal level for all the things she was good at like singing and cooking and keeping a clean house. I asked why this was so important. She said she was worthy of the best. Her message for the client was “choose who you want to be and do what you want to do.” “She[the client] is not doing what she wants to do every day. She is living by what other people are expecting her to do. She is working much more than she needs to work.” She suggests the [client] to be with the children and paint. She is doing too much.

Ingrid offered that we (myself and the client) live in different times and we can do so much, we can go places, meet so many people, have so many connections, have so many opportunities.

We moved forward in Ingrid’s life and she was seen cutting corn in a field. She never married, never lived her dreams.

Female, 53, UK Based

1st Life:
60 year old Wise Woman married to the leader of the tribe.

She was a 60 year old female considered to be a wise woman in a tribe married to the leader. Her clothes were simple white cloth and a sort of flip flop (thong) made of the same cloth. She saw herself putting dry herbs into a bowl she described as “crusty”. She realised she was teaching the young girls in the tribe how to make a healing poultice to put on scars and cuts. At first, she felt she was cooking then realised it was not cooking. Her name was Maha, at first, the client thought it was Martha, but after the session, the name came to her. She said she looked tired as though she had a hard life compared to modern day life. It was not immediately apparent that she was a black woman until she mentioned the word ‘tribe’ so we reviewed the ethnicity.  When people emerge into the bodies of their previous life they rarely comment on any change of ethnicity or gender as the body feels completely natural to them. I asked what time/era she was in and she answered they did not measure time the same but only saw the seasons.

She realised she had an arranged marriage. When looking at her husband for the first time in the scene she noticed he had really wild grey big hair and looked much older than herself. She was young when she married but still considered her husband looked old to her at the time. She mentioned all the beautiful handsome men around the same age as her. While she felt a great honour had been bestowed up her to marry the leader of the tribe it was revealed that there was little intimacy and her husband just gave commands and it was her duty to carry out those commands. However, she had a feeling of having contentment in her life even though there was isolation and not much fun.

2nd Life:
16th Century female speaking up for women’s independence and nearly gets hanged.

She was late 20’s to 30’s years old woman in the 16th century. She found she had been locked in a room that looked like an official room a room used for work. Initially she could only see large flagstones on the floor but eventually, the room emerged. She was wearing black court shoes (this is a term to describe shoes usually worn by professional women in modern day). As she walked over to the desk she saw blotting paper on the desk. At this point, we didn’t know the era. The description of the furniture being dark and heavy lead me to believe it was around the 1940’s. She also noticed a small window in the room with bars on it.  With further investigation, it emerged she was a rather beautiful medieval woman in a stunning teal dress. Medieval woman did wear court type shoes. Her hair was worn up and she was wearing jewellery, a necklace, earrings and lots of rings on her fingers. She couldn’t name the King ruling at the time.

She described she felt she was in a great deal of trouble as she had been saying things that were controversial for that era. We took her to a scene where the trouble started. She was standing in a large ballroom and it was filled with other women dressed similarly to herself. She realised she was saying to the women “don’t follow the rules and that they can empower themselves”. We went to another scene where she was articulating her beliefs. She was speaking to her father and described his black boots and tunic he was wearing. His name was Terrance the same name as her father in real life. When she was speaking to her father about never marrying, her father looked mildly amused but also quite concerned.

Returning to the ballroom scene she noticed men were crowding around the window outside. When we focused our attention to the window she heard them chanting hang her, hang her! Officials came into the room and dragged her away out of the ballroom and locked her in the room.

We returned to the room where she was locked in. I requested she leant against the door to get a sense of what was happening. She noticed the door handle was round but quite “nice”. She felt that she was in a lot of trouble and it wasn’t something small or trivial. When the men returned they quite roughly took her outside. The crowd outside were chanting to hang her. It appears everyone outside knew about her. She was hurriedly been taken towards the gallows. She sensed there was much haste a she felt it was being rushed to do it before anyone could stop it. We froze the screen and quietened the crowd. She was able to look around the scene to see if there were any faces in the crowd that we responsible for the hanging. In the middle of the crowd, her grandmother in that life time was looking at her stony faced. She realised her grandmother orchestrated the hanging as she had brought great shame on the family refusing several marriages. Her grandmother was with her in one of the proposals.

We stepped back from the scene for a while and it concluded that some officials intervened stopping the hanging. It appears her father must have heard about it and instructed the officials with haste.

.She said she never married in that lifetime but she certainly wasn’t so vocal after the incident. She also realised with a bit of a startle her father in that life was her husband in this life!

3rd Life:
An alien from the future travelling in an advanced space craft gathering information.

The client opened her eyes and looked down at her feet and saw triangular feet without any bone structure or toes. The client was quite surprised! It transpired she was an alien from the future. Her body was extremely thin and pure white she had very large eyes, she described as ‘melting pools’ She didn’t have any mouth or nose, hair or ears. She didn’t have any fingers but she had a rounded body part where the hand should be. When asked how does she pick things up she said there wasn’t a requirement to pick anything up. They do not eat, sleep or move things with their body. She did not have a name as it was not relevant to her species.

She described a white floor below her but she couldn’t make out the shape or purpose, but she was hovering above it. It transpired the floor was some kind of dimensional space craft with transparent walls where she could see all the stars around and the white floor appeared to be a part of the craft although it was difficult to see where it started or finished. The craft travelled by the aliens’ mind controlling it. They had the ability to absorb knowledge into their bodies somehow. I say ‘they’ as it emerged that she had a companion. They were explorers gathering information and had been on a very long journey, she couldn’t describe it in human years but many many years, longer than humans could comprehend.

I asked what her relationship was like with her companion and she said it was wonderful and harmonious, that they were one and everything worked perfectly. She said there were no higher or lower levels of emotion just consistency of harmony. She said we humans could learn a lot from their relationships. We went to a scene where she first joined with her other half, I suggested they met at birth, feeling that it was a soulmate connection? She said no, it wasn’t like that. She said she was one and they split into two for companionship so she wouldn’t be alone on the journey and that she could split again if she wanted, and the other alien bodies/beings that came from the split all worked together harmoniously and it felt wonderful. In fact, she could split many times.

Her home planet was called Zeon a white planet but not a physical planet. We moved forward to the scene of returning home and she said she just merged back into the others as one and when this merging took place the knowledge was shared about their journey. She couldn’t really explain the merging with the others as it was too advanced for our human language to describe, only that it was natural to merge with this greater entity aspect of them and that entity could split many hundred/thousands of times as that is how they existed. They never birthed or died but always existed.

[A truly fascinating insight]


Female, 52, UK Based

1st Life:
A rural girl whose Aunty Maria has a message for the client.

She was a 28 year old Spanish female called Selina Rodrigues. She was standing on a hill looking for animals she was supposed to be herding before nightfall. Initially, the client wasn’t sure what she was looking for. The client described a modest dress no sleeves. The dress was made of a heavy cotton, it was dusty. Her eyes were blue and her hair dark and wavy pulled back and she had pink cheeks. She was wearing leather strappy shoes. The countryside had blue skies and very pleasant to look at. She knew at this point it was not the UK but perhaps a country like Italy as it was very hot.

She was requested to walk back to her home. Her home was white with red terracotta tiles a small holding with trees around, a pen where goats should be and a young four year old boy playing outside the open front door, who is her brother. Inside the house was an older women who Selina didn’t get on with, this woman was difficult with everyone, but although Selina didn’t get on with her she certainly didn’t hate her. Selina and the lady have a conversation about the animals. The lady says she must go back out because the animals would not be safe in nightfall. Selina knows she has to do it but is very hot and needs water (This is a theme in her next previous life with lack of water). The lady was her aunty as Selina’s parents had both died by a type of plague in the area. The aunty had previously been living with her brother and her brother’s wife as she had never been married but said it was better than being alone.  The aunty’s name was Maria. We spoke to Maria and she expressed that taking on the role of the guardian was her duty, as she has no-one. Maria had a sense of being stuck without choices as when the children get older they will leave and she wouldn’t be able to do all the tasks such as tending to the animals and growing the crops.

The message to the client was that she wan’t stuck and was moving forward even though it didn’t feel like it and we [ in our time] have so many choices.

Both myself and the client felt a sense of sadness for Maria and we asked if she would be ok once we left her life, she said she would be able to find help to assist with the farm.

2nd Life:
A young 20 year old girl running a brothel in the US dies in the desert.

She was a 20-year-old female called Clarissa Jones who was running a brothel in a US town. The client found herself standing in a dessert with red sand and way too much much clothing for the sweltering heat. When asked what she was wearing she described she was wearing boots and full skirt with a high neck top with ruffles and even a hat! We asked Clarissa to describe why she was in the desert. Apparently, she had been travelling by coach and something had happened to the coach and she had set off on foot. She was travelling to see her aunt as her mother had died.  At first, the client didn’t know why she was travelling but the information came through that Clarisa had taken over the brothel because of her mother’s death and she was taking jewellery to her aunt.

Clarissa described that she likes her job and that she didn’t care what people thought. She had a sense of pride, she described that she provided a service, entertains, fulfils needs and is regarded as important in her town, but receives resentment from the wives of the husbands and the local church. She impressed to always be yourself no matter what as that is what she is. She had a good relationship with the other women working at the brothel. She described some of the women were older than herself some younger but she was like a big sister. She said the women could come and leave the job at any time. She described that one of the girls called Daisy who had been at the brothel for a long time who sorted at all the girl’s emotions and she trusted her girls.

Clarissa further relays that it’s important to employ the right people to look after her, people she can trust. She said as she had only recently taken over the brothel and she was still learning but didn’t seem fazed by the responsibility. However, she felt so vulnerable in the desert so lost and relayed that she dies in the desert as she can’t find water. She relayed that she was in control before with her job in the city and now she feels lost in the desert.

3rd Life:
A Japanese boy 4 years old wanting to fly his kite.

My client was in a dark room and when she looked down she had small feet, child’s feet with little shoes, and she was around 4 years old. She was standing next to a bed, on the floor was “thin type of carpet.” She was a boy. The room wasn’t cold and the child knew he should be sleeping and his parents were outside the room in another room. His father was a teacher and his mother was a housewife at home all day but she would go to the shops from time to time. His mother had small feet too, she was very pretty, very pale face and black hair pulled back but it took a long time to put mum’s hair up. He said his hair is pulled back with a plat down the back. His mothers dress is a kimono and he was Japanese. The “thin” carpet was the Japanese matting.

The client talks like a young boy. He want’s to be out of the room but he has to wait until mummy and daddy is up. I request the name. He says the name several times but I can’t pick it up. He says “Taaaa ooooo”(Toa). His parents are loving and he says they play with him.

When his parents arrive in the morning, he goes outside and the sun is shining. They walk to a park with a bridge and he says “there’s a little river, a little river, referring to the typical Japanese pools. He’s allowed to run, he says he loves running, he’s going to play with the kite. He tells the client to go outside and run and fly the kite. But you need to wait to get all the parts of the kite. You need to be in the park to fly the kite as you can’t fly the kite in the bedroom. She needs to be patient and build the kite properly and take the kite out.

Question: Tao, is any aspect of you, or any people in your life that are now in [clients] life now?
Answer: I’m in [client]

Question: How did you get into [Client]?
Answer: I came with her.
Question: When she got born?
Answer:  yes?

Question: What’s the similarity between you and [client].
Answer: The things she likes, about, [pause], the things she’s done, the things she likes, she knows what they are, she came to like them because I like them too.

My own Personal Regression Experience.

First Session

1st Life:
A young Ethiopian lady ending up alone as her child and husband die.

I was a 24 year old Ethiopian female. ( I had seen this lady before in a previous brief regression) I was wearing headgear and quite pretty clothes and sandals. I was very thin naturally. I was pretty but my skin on my body was quite ravished by intense sun. I was in the desert and had to walk long distances to do simple tasks. I had a young handsome husband we were very much in love. I was standing near a sparse market with just one or two stands set quite a distance from each other. There were people in the distance, with horses and camels. My husband met me at the market, it seemed like we were going to do a small shop. My husband was tender and kind and loving, happy and optimistic, he had high energy and fun loving. The story unfolded that our child died young as a baby and as I moved forward in that timeline my husband died in a war and I ended up alone.

2nd Life:
Woman of the future on a beautiful planet

I went to the future my body was made of blue light and sparkling. I looked around 24 again and I was very beautiful, like the most beautiful version of myself. The scenery was spectacular of brightest colours and unusual trees and glass pyramids. My name was still Stella. I felt very tearful viewing this scene as it was so beautiful that I knew I was misplaced here on earth.

3rd Life:
A pick-pocket Victorian young boy around 8 years old/ A slave boy 20 years old not being heard.

I felt I was in an Oliver Twist movie which annoyed me as I felt my regression had not worked and I tried to get out of the scene but my mind kept me there. I was a young chimney sweep boy in bare feet standing in a doorway observing passersby.  The dusk was coming and I had a sense of danger that I had tasks to do before twilight for my survival. I lived with other boys on the rooftops of a building. I liked the other boys we were happy together. All of a sudden I saw a 24 year old mixed race handsome young man in my mind and left the chimney sweep scene. I immediately realised the mixed race boy was a slave and he was me. I was overwhelmed with intense deep sadness and couldn’t stop crying. He had no voice as in his slavery, no one wanted his opinion, no one was interested in his talents, his creativity, his love, his personality. He was a very beautiful boy, dressed in quite a fine blue suit and a white ruffle around his neck. His name was Hubert.

[ There were so many deep, personal direct similarities to my current life, it was astounding ]

Second Session

1st Life:
A 1977 beach babe from Malibu happy with her life.

I am a blonde beach babe wearing shorts and a white summer jumper. I was standing on a beach and could see all the colours of the sand under my feet. The clear sea water came over my feet with white froth and gently went away. My husband in the scene was walking close by and calling my name to show me something. My name was Jean Davies, I was 26 years old and the year was 1977. The beach was Malibu. I have never been to Malibu and it is very possible this lady is alive today. The feeling was I was happy and content and loving my life in beautiful surroundings.

2nd Life:
An astronaut from 2011 on a secret Saturn mission.

I was standing on a planet with a surface like the moon. I was outside my space vehicle and observing the horizon. I was on my own but felt really confident and in control. I felt I had everything I needed. I was an explorer and on a secret mission to Saturn. My name was David Ambrose, I was 26 years old. As I looked down at my wrist gadget the screen displayed the year 2011. This means the man is only 32 now and I am 51 ( 2017).

3rd Life:
An honorable tribal man content with life.

I was a man in tribal gear. I was observing the horizon. To my left was was my tribe slightly spread out across the desert. We were exploring new terrain to see if it was safe for our community. We were so noble such beautifully personalities, fair, intelligent and moral. I then saw myself in a modest hut, clean and nicely adorned. There was young child in front of me playing. I was sitting on a stool fixing something. There was a wonderful sense of happiness, completeness and contentment. I felt safe and the day was perfect.

[ I am anticipating that scenes are a good omen of a lot of contentment coming into my life.]

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