NEW! Bill /Jack/ Patricia

  • New! Sept 2017 A US soldier captured and working in a quarry
  • New! Sept 2017 A Baron called Jack, studying divinity and the stars, who nearly got tortured.
  • New! Sept 2017 A lady in Victorian times receiving a medical ‘adjustment’.

    Female, 45, Australia

    1st Life:
    A US soldier captured and working in a quarry.The client emerges into a scene where she is wearing leather sandals and a type of loincloth. She was male, quite hairy and was standing on rocks. As she looked out to the peripherals there was more rocks and no houses on the horizon. It transpired that his name was William but called Bill. Before the war he worked with horses and was quite respected for his work.When younger he had admired a young girl called Mary-Anne. When asked about marriage he mentioned another lady he was interested in, she was very well turned out, he felt she was out of his league and she knew she was, she took great pleasure in teasing him regarding his affections.

    When Bill got the chance to sign up for the war he did it to prove to this lady he was grown up and a man. He expressed he didn’t sign up for the right reasons. He got captured and had to work in the quarry. We tried to move forward in his life to see what transpired, Bill never returned home and hung himself in the quarry.

    2nd Life:
    A Baron called Jack, studying divinity and the stars, who nearly got tortured.

    The client (female) emerged in a dark room she was lying horizontal with her feet bound, her hands bound and her mouth gagged. I suggested the client ‘feel’ the situation. The client reported being a male, around age 30 called Jack. There was a feeling of resignation as it appeared Jack was to be killed. He was in some sort of dungeon and it was too dark to make out the room easily.  It had transpired that he was a Baron in medieval times.

    Jack had secretly been studying the stars and universe and divinity secretly. There was an older man at court who had been teaching him. The room where his teacher taught him had all sorts of instruments around. Word had got out about the court what he had been studying as he was not shy about what he thought was the truth.

    The men who put him in the room bound and gagged came back and dragged him to another room where they were going to torture him. They suspected that Jack had a lot more going on behind the scenes than just studying the stars. I asked what are the men trying to protect as it was enough to kill him. Jack replied that they were trying to protect their own arses. He said they thought they were safe and secure in their places but it could change just as swifty. I asked why they wanted to kill him. He said they were just blood thirsty and that’s what they do. I suggested that maybe they thought he was plotting against the monarch or religions at the time, but he didn’t really respond and apparently it had nothing to do with religion. Luckily the men got distracted through another incident and he never got tortured. Jack never got married and continued with his studies but he was always individual and believed in speaking the truth.

    3rd Life:
    A lady in Victorian times receiving a medical ‘adjustment’.

    The client emerged into the scene with the doctor peering into her eye through a lens.She was a middle aged attractive woman wearing typical Victorian clothes. The client mentions she has a large bosom.

    She was at the doctor’s surgery. Her name was Patricia Williams. The doctor was a kind, nicely mannered elderly man. It transpired she was attending for an adjustment. This was a common practice in Victorian times where women would be manually manipulated to orgasm by doctors for relief of stress and or hysteria.

    I asked if the women realised it was a sexual act. She said no, they could not see how it could be sexual as their husbands didn’t make them feel that way, she volunteered without hesitation that women would recommend it and talk between themselves as the service had its benefits.

    I questioned if the doctor saw it as a sexual act or if he had any ulterior motive. She said no, he was very professional, a nice man, he knew it was sexual but he didn’t perform it in a sexual manner. He had no other secret or double life or dark or sinister motives. It was seen as a professional treatment. Before the ‘adjustment’ the doctor would carry out the normal ‘preliminaries’. Such as checking the eyes, the pulse etc.

    The story unfolded that Patricia was not happily married and there was more between her and the doctor. However, this was not the reason for the adjustment treatment. The doctor had such strong feelings for Patricia that he was willing to leave his wife, but Patricia was too concerned with the scandal that would create and denied the possibility of moving into a romantic relationship.



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