About Me

Hello my name is Stella,

I am qualified hypnosis RTT Practitioner by the Marisa Peer School, specialising in food addiction (breaking refined sugar addiction) and past life regression.




A little about me…
I am in my 50’s. I am a creative at heart, drawing, painting and writing all the time. I  have a slight penchant for homes and interiors and always talking about organic vegan good food! I’m an organised person on one hand with an Hons degree in multimedia and working in business administration previously, on the other side I am a free spirit and an alternative thinker.


I have had an extraordinary spiritual journey and have in depth knowledge about the supernatural and can provide logical, sensible answers to the unusual/mystical aspects of your life.

If you would like to book a session, I am UK based  Bath UK, but I do national and international skype/zoom/whatsapp sessions and have worked with people in Canada, California, Australia, U.S, Italy, Spain, the Baltics and other parts of Europe.


I look forward to meeting you!