I can help because I understand…

Anxiety is like carrying a fragile ‘thing’ around that could break at any time. It reminds me of when as a kid you are taking home a beloved model made of paper and glue and cotton wool and it won’t fit into a bag so you have to walk slowly home as not to break it.

With anxiety it is about everything you’ve done in the past and everything you haven’t done yet in the future! We are in fear of WHAT NEXT. Our minds find the smallest tasks can fill us up with anxiety, such as answering the phone, arranging an appointment, paying bills, shopping online, going into town, fear of things breaking down, the train the bus, the car, the computer. We fear people visiting, making food, getting the house tidy. We fear going to work, deadlines, meetings and doing things ‘wrong.’ We fear speaking up, making a point. We fear being seen and heard. We fear being shouted at, bullied or peope being unpleasant. We fear change and we fear staying put. Anxiety stops you being courageous, stops you trying new things, stops you forgiving yourself, stops you being the best version of yourself, the fitest most vibrant happiest version of yourself.


During hypnosis, we regress you back to a child or the time when your first experience occurred that caused anxiety to come into your life. We do this regression at least 3 times to 3 different scenarios in one session. Once we know what the experience was then we reverse the effect of that experience using at least 3 or more specialist hypnosis techniques.

Hypnosis is particularly successful at curing anxiety, and many people can go onto living full and wonderful lives without worry. I know you would want that sort of life and you can have a life without anxiety.

Case Study: Social Anxiety

Jon a 53 year old man. Jon had experienced at least 4 significant childhood experiences that caused him deep humiliation and embarrassment in social situations. He grew up avoiding any social environments where this could occur. It impacted on his career, choosing to work only in environments with unlikely stress, this in turn impacted on his income and it slowed his life down into a form of chronic procrastination.

During regression, Jon was able to go back to these events and take a stand or speak his mind or address the bullies, but he was also empowered about his coping skills and his talents and unique personality.  It was important to understand it’s ok if we can’t cope as a child but as an adult, we can harness the ability to overcome obstacles.

Jon found the hypnosis deeply effective and he hit some emotional core feelings. It’s quite common to cry during a session.


Anxiety is a mood disorder that causes nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. It results in someone’s activities filled with exaggerated worry and tension when there appears to be nothing to worry about.

A spiritual definition is that anxiety is an ENERGY, and it can be expressed and released via the body. This is very important to remember when undertaking a cure. It is not just your thoughts but locked up energy.

Natural flight and fight response is triggered by the brain automatically when you are in danger. You do not make a decision to jump out of the way of an oncoming car, your body reacts automatically. When you are anxious you are hitting that danger button by your conscious thought, you are sending specific information to your brain, false information to hit the danger button, even though it feels like it is out of your control.

In healing anxiety, this conscious thought process is used to exert control to stop people hitting the danger button when there is no real threat.


1. Mind/body & self heal.
The body and the mind have an amazing ability to heal itself and it is not a fragile as we are lead to believe. Most anxiety and depression conditions can easily be cured without medication. The mind is actually extremely hardy and resilient. In hypnotherapy, we come to understand that the subconscious has all the answers to heal to mind, thoughts and physical illnesses and disorders.

There is a relationship between the mind and body and when the mind heals the body heals and vice versa.

2. Relaxation
Relaxation is a tool to assist anxiety but not the cure. Using breathing, tapping (EFT), massage, meditation and being in calm environments will aid and soothe but not sufficient to cure.

Use relaxation techniques when you find yourself in a position of anxiety such as being at work or in a social situation. Take deep breaths, excuse yourself and go to a calm place to breathe again to take you to a position where you feel you can take stock of the situation and go back into the environment or simply remove yourself altogether. This is where relaxation techniques really work.

3. Avoid Triggers
With anxiety, you will naturally remove yourself from stuff that triggers you, such as certain people and places or certain situations. However, this can lead to isolation and disconnection. On the other side, there is real importance to recognise what is causing your anxiety. If it happens to be a relationship or a type of career then it’s really important you consider changing jobs or leaving a relationship. You will be surprised at the amount of people who never think about removing themselves from unhappy situations jobs and relationships.

4. Slow Exposure.
Slow exposure to trigger the cause of anxiety is really important in healing. However, the exposure is under your own terms and conditions, with there is an ability to exit or stop at any point. This technique is used in phobias, but can equally be used for most forms of anxiety, including social anxiety, public speaking, attending meetings, going for an interview etc, because you can slow expose yourself to these, but slow exposure can of course be used for more serious anxiety such abuse or trauma etc, however, I am not aware that there are treatments offering this kind of exposure.

For example, if someone like myself has a freeze reflex in conflict i.e someone shouting, then I would hugely benefit being in a treatment where someone were to shout at me to trigger my anxiety until I wanted them to stop and I knew it was a safe environment.

If you have the opportunity to slow expose yourself to whatever it is that causes you anxiety then do so. This is key in healing.

5. Bullet Proof Yourself.
Bullet proofing comes from Marisa Peer training for verbal attack in terms of promoting self esteem and confidence. You can use the following sound bites to protect yourself.

* Thanks for sharing that
* Sorry can you repeat that.
* Are you trying to hurt my feelings
* I’m not going to let that in.

If someone says “I hate you” (for example) you say- “thanks for sharing that.”
If someone says something really nasty, you say ” sorry can you repeat that.”
If they do repeat it you can say ” are you trying to hurt my feelings?”
Most people will say ” no of course not.” If they say ” yes I do want to hurt you.” Then you can say. “I’m sorry I’m not going to let that in.”

Enjoy using this!

6. Martial Arts & Self Defence
Taking on these type of activities and hobbies can greatly increase your self esteem and diminish anxiety. As you become powerful in protecting your body your mind will become strong too. There are very few martial artists who are anxious at the same time! These type of practices act as a powerful coping mechanism.

7. Shaking
Yep. Shaking. Shaking is now being taught in the recovery fro PTSD and other nervous disorders. Look up Somatic exercises. What this does is allow the body to shake under controlled conditions. By putting your body in certain positions then you can evoke involuntary reflex’s. After a shaking session, the body feels amazing and relaxed.

While controlled shaking is amazing let me tell you right now, it’s ok to shake anytime without fear of a heart attack, losing your mind or having a fit. We have become so scared of our natural healing we won’t even carry out simple tasks like a good old shake of the body. Children do it all the time, not only to release extra energy but to release anger and anxiety. I highly recommend that you shake as below.

* Lay on your bed or floor or standing upright and start shaking your body. Fling your arms about shake your legs, and any other part of your body. Put some music on if it helps and trust your body can heal you. Shaking will tap into your emotions. Sometimes anger will arise. If so have a stick of some sort and some cushions and hit them repeatedly until spent or crying.

*Lay on your bed and think about the thing that triggers your anxiety. Let the anxiety build until your body starts to shake without trying to stop it. Make sure your phone is turned off, don’t intellectually talk yourself out of it. Don’t get up for a drink or eat anything until after the session. When you shake lay there and allow the body to shake for as long as it needs which is only a few minutes and trust that it will stop and you will go into a deep relaxed state afterwards. You could call it dialling it up , which means increasing opposed to dampen (dialling it down) if you want to use a little cool speak!

Anxiety is a suppression of the energy that needs to come out of the body. The more you allow shaking the greater it will assist in you alleviating your mind thinking you are in danger.

8. Happy
It’s important to carry out happy activities and I’m referring to child like activities. This is to break up the very serious pattern of seriousness that’s goes with anxiety. You need to get a few friends and do games like tag and catch and rounders or swimming pool silliness such as bomb diving etc, anything that is not competitive but fun and allows you to duck and dive and change direction quickly. It changes the energy of not being able to think on your feet. With anxiety it’s difficult to learn to bend and break rules, playing like a child really brings this memory and pattern back into your life. It must be a game that involves movement.

9. Stop Caring
People who are successful tend not to worry or think about things after the event. They may be rule breakers and risk takers. Risk taker and rule breakers don’t fret they thrive on getting where they want and enjoy challenging rules.  These may appear to be people you perhaps don’t want to be like BUT it’s good to understand there are different approaches to life.

Some people simply don’t worry they carry out an action and move on. These type of personalities are often found in ER situations, they have an amazing ability to stay calm in super stressful situations.

Remember nothing is as important as your well-being, just stop caring about things that make you ill. No email or contract or business deal is worth it. When you come to the day when you are going to pop your clogs, you won’t be thinking about the emails you didn’t send, you will be remembering all the wonderful experiences you had and your only regret is not having more.

 So break some rules, roll with the punches, laugh a lot more and stop caring about things that don’t care about you!

10. Hypnosis
Hypnosis, hypnosis, hypnosis! Before medication try hypnosis but not any old hypnosis but RTT. RTT short for Rapid Transformational Therapy this is the most radical cutting edge rapid therapy. Traditional hypnotherapists are rushing to train in this treatment. This treatment does away with a stuffy medical approach but a light, modern, innovative and deeply healing approach with extraordinary results.