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Depression is like a heavy weight around you that is there first thing in the morning and last thing at night. With depression you never feel fully alive and vital and refreshed. It drains your energy and motivation. You lose drive and focus or if you are still driven and successful you cover depression with addictions and a false persona. Depression can heighten your sensitivities, so a word a comment or look can  trigger you. So you become a slave to a swing in emotions or you avoid ‘situations’. You feel misunderstood. You feel disconnected. On one hand you long for connection but yet you hide yourself away. You can be in a room full of people and feel very alone. Often you don’t want to have the life you have and you may want to leave your life if you had the choice. [if you are thinking about suicide]

Please know depression can be cured and hypnosis is particuarlly successful in this area, with many people going on to live amazing fulfilling lives, I’m sure you want that too and you can have it.

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Dealing with depression
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During hypnosis, we regress you back to a child or the time when your first experience occurred that caused depression to come into your life. It’s ok if you have a belief it’s genetic but an experience will trigger depression. I bet you can recall a situation that has triggeredWe regress you back at least 3 times to 3 different scenarios. Once we know what the common theme is then we reverse the effect of that experience using at least 3 or more specialist hypnosis techniques.

I particularly enjoy dealing with depression because we incorporate a lot of self love techniques into the healing. It’s easy to say you need to love yourself but extremely hard to do if you are depressed. Hypnosis fast tracks you from sad to happy by your subconscious mind letting your conscious mind understand why and how you formed beliefs and behaviours. A lot of hypnosis treatments incorporate healing depression as a secondary problem simply because most people feel a deep sadness with their issues.


What Is Depression?

Depression is the shutting down of a particular emotion to protect yourself which in turn shuts all your other emotions down and results in deep persistent sadness and a lack of interest and disengagement from the world around us.


* Continuous negative thoughts replaying in your mind
* Feeling not good enough by the standards of a modern world. Not attractive  enough, not smart enough, not career minded enough, not rich enough.
* Suppression of rage masking deep sadness and hurt underneath.
* A release from keep having to conform to society’s way of doing things  (i.e you’re not playing the game anymore)
* An increased awareness of what is wrong with the world but not being able to cope with it.


Many mainstream medical treatments will advocate medication which doesn’t get to the ROOT CAUSE it will only mask not feeling down. Your problem will still be there.

So what is this ROOT CAUSE therapists always talk about?

Let’s call it the 1st thing that caused you pain. Now, there may be many first’s. The first time you got rejected by your parent, the first time an adult was cruel to you, the first time something embarrassing happened in front of the whole class, the first time you felt unloved. In your conscious mind, it is unlikely you will ever be able to find the root cause because it is often buried so deep that the client has forgotten, but the subconscious mind never forgets. Those first things stay in your emotional body but come to the surface later in life everytime you have a certain experience trigger. Depression is a natural outward working of childhood trauma and deep sadness plus anxiety is usually co-dependent with depression.

It’s easy to assume that depression is a natural state such as bereavement or adult trauma but often there are direct links to childhood that get re-triggered. Bereavement is natural but after a period of time the mind usually recovers. Depression is when we can’t get past a certain experience and the upset/heartbreak or whatever the emotion doesn’t go away and your personality has changed to “cope” defaulting to depression.


How To Cure Depression?

There are a few enjoyable exercises you can do to alleviate depression. You might find that one of these techniques actually will flip a switch for you and release you from depression altogether as they are powerful in their own right, but hypnosis will always give you a deep subconscious understanding that will rapidly aid healing.


Never Underestimate The Power Of The Body And Mind To Heal Itself.

I, 100% believe in the ability for the mind and body to heal itself. The mind is actually very strong, we have just been conditioned into believing it is fragile. Also modern society bombards us with confusing messages every moment of every day, pulling us this way and that way, so it’s easy to feel confused and fragile. BUT we were actually born with a deep power of healing built into our biological bodies, our emotional bodies, our spiritual bodies but we are not being taught this and everything can be overcome.