Fruit Sugar & Cancer Cure


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Dr. Robert Morse has developed personalized health programs suited for the individual that restore the human body back to health and vitality

Dr Morse ND, heals cancer patients from going onto fruit diet only. He has carried this out successfully, never losing a patient since 1972. This is a fact and not a one off cure but consistent cure of 1000’s of patients year in year out, from all over the world, of not only cancer but a whole range of diseases/illnesses from sight deterioration to serious degenerative diseases.  Dr morse is the master of detoxing and cell regenration. I have listened to 1000’s of hours of his video’s of the past five years and have come to undersand detoxing through the body’s natural waste system ‘the great lymphatic system.’

Dr Morse offer indepth analysis of your bodies systems and how they interconnect, but what he is most skillful at is placing confidence in patients that the body was built with a healing mechanism that works and he offers biochemistry and physiology in a very simplistic easy to understand way.

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There is overwhelming evidence that refined sugar kills cell regeneration and causes cancer and many illnesses. Any doctor will tell you to reduce sugar. What about fruit sugar? Mainstream doctors will also tell you to reduce fruit due to it’s sugar content. We now know this is an inaccurate view of fruit sugars so much so around the world people are healing a multiple of diseases by eating fruit alone. How can this be true?

Although hotly disputed, fruit sugars heal.  I personally could not fathom this at first because if you look at the structure of sugar from fruit or refined sugar it looks the same? It is suggested and I beleive there are ‘secret’ abilites in fruit and fruit sugar  flavinoids and photonutrients that construct a unique healing package.

Fruit is the perfect fuel for the body and aids the cell regeneration to optimize. If patients are given fruit sugar they will heal, whereas if you give a patient refined sugar it will aid killing cells (cancer ) as it toxifies the fuid around the cell. Fruit is the top level fuel package, higher than vegatables. Don’t get me wrong vegatables are right up there underneath fruits, but fruit has the least taxation on the body. This means other than not eating and having to sleep to heal, fruit will fuel the body while alowing deep level detoxification.


Refined sugar is acidic and acid based foods act as a poison in the body. Sugar and other foods and chemicals cause cancer and a whole range of diseases.

The body wants foods that are base (water) or alkaline ph7 upwards.  Blood is alkaline, breast milk is alkaline, lymph is alkaline, amniotic fluid is alkaline. When cells sit in a alkaline environment they are in a perfect biology ‘soup’ and can regenerate themselves. When cells sit in an acid ‘soup’ they will die.

You can look up videos where some people have cured cancer by giving up sugar alone in an otherwise ‘unhealhty diet’. This is because our sugar intake is one of the highest intake in a modern diet.

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