Intro To Raw Food

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The raw food diet is a wonderful diet to heal, I cannot emphasise enough if you have any illness eating raw is the route to wellness.

The desire to eat healthly is a large part of hypnotherpy treatments, be it overeating, anorexia, bulmia or weight issues, so it seemed logical to promote this wonderful way of life.

Eating raw food is very, very easy to do and it’s sad that people are so horrified about it, as this is how fruit and veg naturally occurs. So how did we move so far away from nature? The raw food diet is the easiest diet I have done the food tastes amazing and it’s not just salad and raw carrots (although I do love raw organic carrots!), it’s a rainbow of incredible tasty, vital, satisfying beautiful food.

The results have been amazing, not only have I cured a thyroid problem, lost 20lbs without any effort, my heart palpitations have gone, my leg oedema has gone and 10 years of migraines everyday have gone.  My hair is in fabulous condition and I have barely any under eye bags for my age. My teeth have almost nil plaque so much so my dentist said I didn’t need a scale and polish!


Why Raw Works

Raw works because you are saturating your body with essential nutrients that your body has likely been starved of for many years but the key factor here is what you don’t put in your body and this is toxic chemicals, refined sugar, mucus forming starches, putrifying meat and fish and harmful plastics, wax’s and wood fillers etc, the list is extensive.

If you have an illness you must go on raw to fast track but to health, if you don’t have an illness I would suggest eating the highest whole food diet with a high % of fruit and veg.


Tip: Incorporate 1-2 meals a day raw, and see the benefits. We are so lucky as we have such a vast range of wonderful produce available to create the most amazing recipes. Raw does not equal bland! On the contrary raw food is packed full of flavour.

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Tip: Make your life easy and try homemade smoothies that you can pack with foods you normally wouldn’t eat such as wheatgrass or spirulina, spinach and pak choi, avocado, pea shoots…….. and you’ll find it is easily digestable.

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Tip: Make your own chocolate! Chocolate was the hardest thing to give up. But after a really easy search on google you can find some pretty nasty things are in the top chocolate manufacturer’s products. YUK! Chocolate is not designed to sit on a shelf for years. Making chocolate is pretty easy too!

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Tip: Go into fabulous delis and shops to see their amazing ready-made salads made with quinoa, bulgarwheat, rice, nuts seeds, fruits and exotic dressings. Make a note of the ingredients and make a lovely big bowl (Budahha bowl) at home for 1/4 of the cost!

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Tip: Make NICECREAM. Simply freeze bananas and blitz them in a vitamix or high powdered blender with your fav fruit (stawberries or mango or peach) top with nuts and eat! Dairy free icecream no artifical chemicals!

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Tip: For bloating, and heartburn, squeeze 1/2 lemon and a dash of water for a lemon shot. Your tummy and heartburn will reduce within 1/2 hour.

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Tip: Use coconut oil for removing make-up! I have a tub of coconut oil for all my beauty. I buy cold pressed organic. It should be solid in cold weather and turn liquid in warm. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, moisturising wonder product.

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Tip:Oil pulling. Oil pulling is basically putting coconut oil in the mouth a swish it around for 10-20 minutes, then spit it out. It pulls toxins and bacteria build up from the gums and teeth. Do it every night and you will see a huge improvement in your dental hygiene. Many people no longer need a scale and polish!