Rates of obesity are increasing every day across the world including childhood obesity. Mexico currently has the highest rates of obesity and not the U.S as widely believed. Mexico has reports of obesity related diabetes every 30 minutes. China that had zero obesity has now endemic childhood obesity. The question is why? Is it just about junk food culture or is something else going on.

Overeating could be seen merely as a bad choice and an individual thing. Physicians and physical trainers will merely look at intake and how much energy people burn but Dr. Gabor Maté believes it is highly complex byproduct of a toxic culture and environment and studies have shown that addiction to drugs, alcohol or food or any other addiction is environmentally lead, i.e the person is unhappy with their life and in some sort of emotional pain.


Being overweight has little to do with just intake, nutrition, and exercise. Being overweight is complex and our relationship to our bodies is not reality based. Overweight people often see themselves as slim and slim people can see themselves as overweight.

Food is entertainment, titillation, diversion, pleasure, status and distraction. People who overeat or anorexic their relationship with food is to transcend suffering. Obesity is protective emotionally and we find in hypnosis it is often related in females to experiencing sexually inappropriate behaviour and sexual abuse but not exclusively. Obesity in men and women is directly related to childhood trauma. There are 10 main trauma’s that not only increase obesity but also an addictive nature and illnesses.

10 Traumatic childhood experiences leading to obesity,

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Parent dying
  • Parent being jailed
  • Violence in the family
  • Parent being addicted
  • Divorce
  • Parent with mental illness.



Food addiction is when you have withdrawal symptoms when you stop eating the food in question. The symptoms can be headaches, irritability, crying, frustration, inability to cope and generally feeling unwell or low mood. The test is when you eat these foods again after stopping you FEEL BETTER.

The top addictive foods

  • Crisps
  • Chocolate
  • Cake
  • Candy
  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Icecream5 foods land c


The ingredients above are nutritionally dead, what we call empty calories. When foods are nutritionally dead they don’t satisfy you and you reach out for more food and enter a vicious cycle. Modern day chef’s cannot create meals without these ingredients. Raw food chefs are hugely creative making incredible tasty foods WITHOUT these ingredients. Unfortunately, unethical giant food companies go to great lengths to increase addiction in their junk foods.


You might argue that milk has nutrition but if you do a tiny amount of research milk actually leaches calcium from the body as it is acid based after pasteurisation. Pasteurisation tries to eliminate, pus, blood and bacteria from the milk for human consumption. In order for the body to keep the healthy ph balance, the body takes calcium from the body wraps it around the acid molecules to export it out of the body via urine.


Addiction is an addiction to a specific food. It means that when someone eats certain food, chemicals are released in the brain to evoke a feeling of bliss. Emotional eating is overeating generally and not a specific food, the overeating is to compensate unhappy emotions. This is common in relationships break up, a bereavement, or going through a difficult time. However, further studies show it is not a clear cut as this as in each case there is underlying pain and in each case, chemicals are being released in the brain to make you feel good.


The reward centre is built to ignites certain biological behaviours such as eating, making love, and emotions. Eating addictive foods namely those containing fat, sugar, salt, dairy and wheat triggers the dopamine in the brain that occurs naturally when we feel happy. The extra dopamine will saturate the cells to a high level making a feeling of bliss for a few seconds or minutes. When the levels regulate again more addictive foods are required. The triggers to increase the stimulant is pain, either stress, anxiety, fear, sadness etc.

reward centre (1)


In western society, we gain great comfort by explaining disorders because of genetics. There is actually very little proof according to Dr. Gabor Maté that genes cause obesity or other addictions. There have only been a few genes found that directly cause disorders and illnesses but they are in fact very rare. This is a hot topic in the scientific world and still being debated.

In hypnotherapy, we always look at the PAIN under every issue. With all disorders, there is a direct link to childhood trauma. Often we find there is subtle trauma not wildly recognised but very common such as;

  • Parents preferring your sibling over you.
  • Family favouritism.
  • Mother jealous of female child’s relationship with father.
  • Father jealous of son’s relationship with mother.
  • Sexual overtones from father to daughter.
  • Sexual overtones from mother to son.
  • Mother doesn’t hug the child.
  • Father doesn’t hug the child.
  • Mother too busy to spend time with the child.
  • Father too busy to spend time with the child.
  • Parental or grandparent criticism of child.
  • Parental or grandparent negative labelling of a child, such as clumsy, daft, stupid, lazy etc.
  • Receiving too much responsibility as a child, such as looking after younger siblings.
  • Feeling too much responsibility as a child, such as feeling responsible for the parent’s happiness.


In hypnosis we deal with a strange phenomenon of energetic weight. Energetic weight is when someone is overweight but they are not actually overeating? This may seem absurd but people are known to hold weight energetically. The reason for this can be because they have a belief they should be more masculine or simply for emotional protection. In a case of a female who’s father was disappointed his daughter was not a boy she carried weight to increase her masculinity to subconsciously please her father. This could only be revealed during hypnosis and consciously the client had no idea her extra constant 10lbs was related to this.