Raw Healing

Health ~ Healing With Raw Foods


After becoming ill in my 30’s with an auto-immune disease, I lost my beautiful figure putting on a staggering 5 stone over the following years and my health deteriorated.  I ignored the Dr’s advice to go on meds and over the next 10 years,  I had times of feeling ok and others when I was very unwell until I succumbed to meds which didn’t make me feel any better.

Since 2013, I embarked on a raw food diet which I just happened to stumble upon, I found through a miracle it healed around 80% of my auto-immune including overactive thyroid, extreme leg odema, feeling of needing to vomit upon eating,  irregular heat beat and 10 years of migraines every day.

The next part of the journey is about to begin (2018) where I am embarking on a deep detox to reboot my adrenals and kidneys and regenerate back to full 100% health.


So How does Raw Heal?

There is a secret and it’s called the great lymphatic system. The lymphatic system mirrors the blood system and for every vein, artery and capillary there is a matching lymph vessel.In short, every cell in your body has blood going to it and the lymph takes cell waste away. If your blood gets something in it, it doesn’t want, it dumps it into your lymph system. If your lymph system gets backed up with toxins then the waste will stay in your system and it will result in an imbalance in your body, via an organ or gland not working or a tumor growing.

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What is a tumor?

A tumor is a way of the body containing toxins in your body. A tumor does not kill unless they interfere with main arteries or obstructing organ function. Tumors are simply toxic waste like a spot or a cyst. Of course, we don’t want tumors but we need to get to the cause rather than just cut them out. If you cut them out then the waste needs to go else where.




How does raw work with the lymphatic system?

Raw food works in harmony with the lymphatic system and cleans the body of toxins.  If your lymphatic system is ALKALINE then your cells can regenerate and keep disease at bay.  Most fruit and veg is ALKALINE with a ph of around 7.3-7.5. Blood is alkaline, breast milk is alkaline. Alkaline balance is perfect for cell renewal, acid  based substances kills, destroys and blocks.

Fruit is the best alkaline food for the body. It requires no insulin, very little digestion and is energetic and alive living food, cleaning the body as it passes through.  I know you will say what about the sugar? This is a modern day myth and lacks real understanding. Your cells need oxygen and carbon to function carbon IS sugar. Refined sugar kills, fruit sugar heals. Next best alkaline for the body is vegetables but in fact vegetables cannot detox to the same level a fruit. All meats, dairy, wheat, oils, flours, processed, tinned, packaged foods, alcohol, fizzy drinks, refined sugar, and ALL COOKED FOOD is acidic, it will corrode, kill , destroy and damage your cells.




No-one is more informed about the lymphatic system than the wonderful Dr Morse. I trust him because he is literally healing people of cancer and every other illness. His clients are walking around healed vibrant, vital, shining hair, bright eyes, beautiful skin and invigorated. There is no better testament to wellness than actual people who were bed ridden and now walking around the epitome of health.