Hypnosis is very easy to dovetail and complement many wellness practices for retreats.

I am UK based. Please contact me for a discussion about what you may want.

oh2  Tailor hypnosis to your wellness focus~

spiritual retreat~ past life regression hypnosis
body movement ~ with body relaxation hypnosis
yoga ~ with energy alignment hypnosis
wellness retreat ~ with deep self esteem hypnosis
raw food retreat ~ with release from food addiction hypnosis
detox retreat ~ with food addiction/command cell therapy hypnosis

oh2 Integrate 1/2 hour relaxing hypnosis at the end of your yoga/pilates/body movement. This can be done for the entire group or individual.

oh2 Integrate 1/2 hour hypnosis onto the end of a relaxation massage. Let the client remain laying down for an additional 1/2 hour flowing into deep hypnosis.

oh2  Afternoon or morning hypnosis session outside to set up the clients day or take them to deep afternoon relaxation.

oh2  Offer evening deep hypnosis in soft light or open fires to heal past hurt and put in immediate healing allowing your client to retire and sleep after treatment.


Use this wonderful treatment that is both fascinating, extraordinary and healing. Past life regression really aligns with wellbeing environments, spirituality and personal development. Ideal to integrate into your retreat. [more…]


My Regression Experience.

1st Scene: I was a 24 year old Ethiopian female. ( I had seen this lady before in a previous brief regression) I was wearing headgear and quite pretty clothes and sandals. I was very thin naturally. I was pretty but my skin on my body was quite ravished by intense sun. I was in the desert and had to walk long distances to do simple tasks. I had a young handsome husband we were very much in love. I was standing near a sparse market with just one or two stands set quite a distance from each other. There were people in the distance, with horses and camels. My husband met me at the market, it seemed like we were going to do a small shop. My husband was tender and kind and loving happy and optimistic, he had high energy and fun loving. The story unfolded that our child died young as a baby and as I moved forward in that time line my husband died in a war and I ended up alone.

2nd Scene:I went to the future my body was made of blue light and sparkling. I looked around 24 again and I was very beautiful, like the most beautiful version of myself. The scenery was spectacular of brightest colours and unusual trees and glass pyramids. My name was still Stella. I felt very tearful viewing this scene as it was so beautiful that I knew I was misplaced here on earth.

3rd Scene: I felt I was in an Oliver Twist movie which annoyed me as I felt my regression had not worked and I tried to get out of  the scene but my mind kept me there. I was a young chimney sweep boy in bare feet standing in a doorway observing passersby.  The dusk was coming and I had a sense of danger that I had tasks to do before twilight for my survival. I lived with other boys on the rooftops of a building. I liked the other boys we were happy together. All of a sudden I saw a 24 year old mixed race handsome young man in my mind and left the chimney sweep scene. I immediately realised the mixed race boy was a slave and he was me. I was overwhelmed with intense deep sadness and couldn’t stop crying. He had no voice as in his slavery, no one wanted his opinion, no one was interested in his talents, his creativity, his love, his personality. He was very beautiful boy, dressed in quite a fine blue suit and a white ruffle around his neck. His name was Hubert.

[ There were so many deep, personal direct similarities to my current life it was astounding ]