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How it works. Simply choose from the list which sessions you would like. Each session is carried out a month apart.  So, for instance, you can have weight loss first and then perhaps clear skin session afterwards. The weight loss is cured in one session so it continues when we do the 2nd session etc. If you are needing a boost on the weight loss we can incorporate that into your 2nd session. The mind and body need time to adjust so the longer the time between now and your special day the better the results.

2 SESSION package: £198 £170.00

3 SESSION package: £297 £225.00

4 SESSION package: £396 £280.00

6 SESSION package: £594  £360.00


Weight loss: We will directly find the root cause of your weight problem and cure for good. The longer before the special day the better as the mind will reduce the weight a few lbs every week.

Emotional Eating & Food Addiction: This session is for people who know they have specific food addictions and eat emotionally. We find the root cause and cure in one session.

Stop Eating Certain Foods: We retrain the mind to stop you eating certain foods.

Clear Skin (Acne and Skin Rashes): We will use a technique called command cell therapy to reduce acne and skin rashes. The longer before the special day the better as the mind will reduce the condition over a period of time.

Healthy Hair & Nails: We will use the technique command cell therapy to improve the condition and rejuvenate the hair and nails that are both made from keratin. We incorporate prevention of nail biting.

Motivation to Exercise: We will re-establish self worth and motivation to make exercise enjoyable and desirable so it becomes top of your list. This is ideal for brides not particularly overweight but just want to tweak their fitness.

Bikini Body: We will spot reduce fat or body shape issues for confidence to wear a bikini for the honeymoon or wedding! Can be used alongside personal trainers etc.

Overall Fitness: Especially good after illness. We will establish your weak areas such as stamina, strength and mobility and fitness level and increase this making everyday chores and energy levels increase. Feeling stronger and more energetic.

Overall Health: This is more a mind, body and spiritual balance session, ensuring every aspect of you works in harmony bringing a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Chronic Fatigue: This session is dedicated to fatigue and we find the cause and the cure in one session.

IBS: Digestion Problems: We find the emotional cause and command the digestion to work normally and heal the stomach and intestines.

Sexual Enjoyment: We re-establish sexual enjoyment, recreating romantic and positive sexual memories to bring about and more enjoyable love-life.

Relationship Issues: Iron out any relationship issues. Often we know we have a certain problem and want to go into married life feeling whole and good again.

Self Esteem: We remind your mind of why you are important and raise your self-esteem back to a balanced level so you can enjoy life more and your wedding!

Family Issues: We oversee a family issue and work on the root cause of the issue and releasing it so you can enjoy your big day and married life afterwards.

Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety: We irradiate these issues from your life, allowing you to live a fulfilled and happy future, with a sense of wonderful enjoyment.

Procrastination: No time for procrastination with a wedding. We find the root cause to this condition, allowing you to be proactive and motivated.

Stress Relief: We ensure to have the right skills to cope with everyday changes and obstacles and put in healing affirmation to ensure you feel relaxed and in control.

Money Issues: We find your money blocks and reboot your finances and the ability to earn money.

Communication: Poor communication in a relationship or just in general such as the work place can cause a lot of unhappiness, we ensure your voice is heard and you become an effective communicator.

Loveability: Sometimes, even when we are getting married we just don’t feel lovable, or that the world loves us or individuals. Reignite feeling valued and loved by all.

Trust Issues: Find out why you don’t trust, either you partner as much as you would like, or people/family in general. We take you back to specific events and release it from you so you can trust again.