Weight Loss Mini Session

Relaxation Hypnosis Mini Sessions (Weight Loss)
£25.00 1 hour

RELAX anxiety (4)

We are offering hypnosis mini-relaxations sessions for different issues. These sessions are to assist you rather than cure. The sessions last for 1hour. You will be taken into hypnosis and you will receive positive affirmations and commands to your subconscious mind to assist with weight loss.

These mini sessions are deeply relaxing there is nothing for you to do other than relax! My clients feel like they have just received a massage afterwards! It is a complete break from the hectic world.

During the session, you enter that very unique place where your subconscious evokes a feeling of lightness and floating in your body. It rejuvenates, resets and reboots the body and mind. You will hear everything that is being said. From our point of view, we can see you are in a deep state of trance as the client is so still they never move throughout the session.

We incorporate that you feel energised upon awakening feeling vibrant, invigorated and happy.

Affirmations you will receive

Making good choices and decisions
Putting yourself first
Rejection of junk food
Rejection of addictive foods
Motivation to exercise
Motivation in life
Self praise
Becoming a moderate eater
Upgrading the child
Removing obstacles
Taking action
Relaxation of your nervous system
Deep relaxation of you muscular system


There are lots of positives as to why a mini session might be suitable.

* Some clients are just looking for something deeply relaxing to destress and have time out.
* Some clients are feeling upset and they need something soothing and a quick fix.
* Some people are not ready to go into their past but benefit hugely from light treatment.
* Clients can pick and choose various mini sessions to boost their wellbeing and have flexibility fitting it into their lives.
* Some of my clients are on anti-depressants and feel fragile, so light relaxation suits them more at this point in their treatment.
* Some people just aren’t sure about hypnosis but they want to try it out. Mini sessions are a great way to experience hypnosis state without going to the next level.
* Some clients are control freaks (by their own admission) and they are not open to full hypnosis as they like to keep control at all times, but they welcome relaxation and receptive to motivational techniques.


In a full session, it lasts up to 2 or 2.5 hours. We spend a lot of time dialoguing with the client under hypnosis. This is effortless for the client but we use techniques to get to the bottom of the issue by entering deep into the client’s subconscious.  With these full sessions, we only expect to see the client once and rare they need to return.

With mini sessions, we are doing an overall soothing session without any dialogue and without trying to go to deep emotionally but offering lots of different positive affirmations into the subconscious to assist healing the issue.