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During hypnosis, we regress you back to a child or the time when your first experience occurred that caused overeating/addiction to come into your life. It’s ok if you have a belief it’s genetic but an experience will trigger food addiction. We regress you back at least 3 times to 3 different scenarios. Once we know what the common theme is then we reverse the effect of that experience using at least 3 specialist hypnosis techniques.

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Case Study: Food Addiction

Luli is a 30 year old female. Luli was not overweight but experienced anorexia and bulimia in the past but had overcome both, which is a testament to her strength and coping skills. However, her days were consumed with thinking about food. She had an addiction to sugary sweets and once started she could not stop eating them, often eating 6 bags in one go.

There were others factors in her life that were holding her back living a fulfilling life. During her session her regression revealed very common themes around food:~

* Pressure from adults to eat more than you want at the table.
* Associating happiness with food which comes from happy family memories. 
* Body shaming from adults about being overweight before your body has developed.
* Being shouted at, at a time when you are unclothed.

Luli, realised in her regression she was constantly getting bad messages about food as a child either to eat too much or to stop eating after being told she was “fat”. Luli specifically revealed that her sweet addiction came from a memory of the family meal when the family was happy and laughing, she was about 8 years old and just at the pinnacle of this family gathering the dessert came in! Luli didn’t notice this in the regression but we as hypnotherapists look for these subtle yet absolutely huge red flags.

There were additional complexities around family emotions with Luli so we used powerful techniques to relieve her of any childhood negative experiences and empowered her about her life choices. Luli felt amazing after the session and later reported her addiction was gone.

While we have you in hypnosis the subconscious and the conscious mind connect and messages are passed to the conscious from the subconscious which is received as new understanding by you upon awakening. Sort of like your subconscious phoning your conscious and saying hey, this is why you do x,y,z. Understanding is healing in itself.